Premiere: Pletnev – Average Monday


Echocentric Records and R.A.N.D. team up to release a new batch of rhythmic wonders from the Lithuania-based producer.

The alarm clock buzzed loudly for the fifth time, as usual the snooze button had been exhausted for as long as she could get away with it. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, squinting in the morning light that bathed her room. A familiar feeling of dread washed over her; one that didn’t seem to hit her on any other day of the week. The start of the week was always like this – uneventful and unproductive, a time for wallowing and indulging… all in all, just another average Monday.


Helsinki imprint Echocentric and Leipzig’s R.A.N.D. are joining forces for their next release, a dose of rhythmic proggy goodness from Lithuania-based producer Pletnev. Both labels know their onions – between them they’ve put out plenty of dance floor gems over the last few years from the likes of Abdul Raeva, DJ Life, Reflex Blue and Gnork. With And You Never Come Back, it’s more of the same: over four tracks Pletnev serves up squelchy, hypnotic breaks and trance-inspired rhythms, all primed and ready to bless club sound systems the world over.