Premiere: LUXE & Tom Place – Moonquake

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-08 at 9.22.20 AM

The UK producers team up for their first collaborative EP on Dansu Discs, complete with a remix from Angel D’lite.

There had been a change in the air, but it was something you couldn’t see. It wasn’t visible or tangible, you could just sense it, feel it, breathe it in… Nothing was out of place, everything seemed to be just the way it had always been, so why did it all feel so different? The effect had rippled through the atmosphere and taken over, and until the source was identified there would be no way of ever returning to normal….


Dansu Discs kickstart 2023 with the first collaborative EP from London producers LUXE and Tom Place. Their styles complement one another – LUXE’s knack for huge bass lines and trance-influenced synths pair perfectly with Tom’s off kilter approach to breaks and electro. On Moonquake the duo share three percussive, bass-driven tracks that bring together all those aforementioned influences, backed by a jungle flip from Banoffee Pies and Planet Euphorique alumni Angel D’lite.


Moonquake will be released on 27th January via Dansu Discs.