Premiere: bavedacon – tretboot

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Berlin-based producer and DJ Acidfinky launches her label Twisting Knobs with a VA to raise money for a collective uplifting female Iranian voices.

Waves rippled gently on the shore, glistening like a million diamonds under the hot sun. The best way to see the coastline was by boat, there was so much hidden from those who only explored the area on dry land. They missed all the secret gems the water had to offer; the coves that glittered with golden sands and the old caves that led to secluded sparkling pools to dip your toes in. Out here on the ocean, there was so much to take in but it was only those who took the risk that would reap the rewards…


A new year, a new label: Berlin DJ and producer Acidfinky launches her Twisting Knobs imprint into the world with a VA release featuring music from three artists and herself. Dubbed as music “for travelling in space”, the dreamy sounds on offer come courtesy of Guava, rayne and Leipzig-based producer bavedacon who’s behind our pick. Marking the drummer, DJ and radio host’s first electronic music release, ‘tretboot’ sees him exploring a softer, more meditative side of electro with lush pads, squelchy acid lines and crisp percussion.

All profits from the release will be donated to ‘Women Life Freedom’, a Berlin-based collective who are working to highlight and support the voices of the feminist uprising in Iran.