Actress to release new EP on Ninja Tune

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

The esteemed musician turns his direction to the dancefloor.

Actress has announced the release of a new EP via Ninja Tune, a record label of which he had held a long affiliation. The new EP is titled ‘Dummy Corporation’ and features four tracks with the first single teased online emphasising a focus towards the dancefloor.

In a rare comment Actress has described the release as follows:

“The overall idea is for this to be a demonstration of the process and the philosophical action art of creating modern day electronic music. I create these sketches, essentially like the fabrics, and I collage them together…once I see the picture it’s embellished further and the process repeats…”


The record will be available from the 11th of November next month and comes two years since the release of “Karma & Desire” on Ninja Tune back in 2020.

Watch a video for a track taken from the forthcoming EP below: