Prins Thomas, Katerina and more remix Johannes Klingebiel

For Now Remixes

Johannes Klingebiel has announced a new remix EP featuring Prins Thomas, Katerina, Benjamin Frohlich, Suricate, and Sekitova.

The first rework to be shared is Prins Thomas’ “diskomiks” of ‘Flight’, which sees the Norwegian producer putting his signature cosmic touch to the original which blends elements of techno, Krautrock, experimental, and electronic sounds.

On the remix Johannes Klingebiel said: “I’m so happy that one of my idols, the Prins himself, agreed to make a remix for my album. And hoo boy, did he deliver! Adding some groovy bass and synth layers he squeezed every ounce of funk out of the tune’s DNA, creating an amazing cosmic diskomiks out of it.”


Speaking about the whole remix package, he continues: “We sent out the album to some of my favourite producers out there (old and new) and I’m super excited about the diverse, eclectic and surprising replies we’ve received. Eventually this inspired me to come up with my own kind of inverted take on “Peace,” which is added here as well. Looking forward to bringing these versions to dance floors and hope you’re feeling them the same way I do!

Johannes Klingebiel is a Berlin-based producer who has released music via Beats In Space, Mule Musiq, Mireia, Feines Tier and his own imprint Ancient Future Now, as well as touring with bands as a drummer, including for our Ransom Note family member C.A.R.

Listen to Prins Thomas’ remix.

For Now Remixes will be released on 18th November.