Premiere: DJ Overdose – Garden of Lust

DD010 1K

Dalmata Daniel welcome the producer back for the first time since he launched the label back in 2016.

Temptation came in many shapes and forms, it was how you dealt with those occurrences that showed your character and  integrity. Whether it was a glutinous dinner, an indulgent purchase or a wandering eye, these were things that could strike at any moment. Some temptations could be flirted with, others could be entertained in moderation but on some occasions you’d be dancing with the devil; dancing in the garden of lust.


In 2016 Dalmata Daniel came into the world with the helping hand of Dutch DJ and producer DJ Overdose. He set the tone for the Hungarian label with his 05 Poly 800 Loop EP and made another contribution to their catalogue in 2019 with a split release alongside Sematic4. Powers of Ten marks lucky number three, and another trip through Overdose’s raw, crunchy sound world. Backed up by a remix from local producer and label mate J.Mono, the three original analog tracks are a fusion of EBM, electro and old school vocoder disco.