Premiere: Monibi – Forest Love

2022 Monibi – EP2 – Forest Love EP – cover artwork lite

Barcelona-based label and party Diffuse Reality welcome the French producer for her sophomore EP.

The forest stretched for miles and miles, the vibrant green ferns stood to attention, sheltering the untouched woodland below. It housed all manner of animals and plant life; squirrels jumped from tree-to-tree and insects buzzed in unison, while herds of deer leaped between trunks, finding a perfect resting spot to waste the day away. It was a magical place to live, one unspoiled by the greed of mankind. Human civilisation was nowhere to be found and that’s the way its inhabitants hoped it would stay.


Monibi is a lover of all things bass. The French producer and DJ cut her teeth playing the DJ circuit in Cologne, the city where she also worked as co-curator for DIY label and collective Baumusik, before recently settling in the German capital. This label was the home of her first release back in 2019, and now three years on she’s gearing up for her sophomore EP coming out via Barcelona’s Diffuse Reality. Forest Love showcases Monibi’s versatility over five tracks, the bass is omnipresent but each cut has its own distinct flavour. Recorded during lockdown, the release fuses different influences which take us on a trip through atmospheric dub-wise rhythms, anthemic 90s deep house, tech rollers and emotive electro.


Forest Love is out on 10th August via Diffuse Reality.