Premiere: Nørus & DJ Whipr Snipr – 1000 Forward 5000 Back

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Norus Whippr

The pair collaborate to whip up a wild electrical storm for the Australian record label.

It seemed as if they were going in circles. Walking for hours they had seen little sign that they might be nearing the finish line and in fact the hills seemed taller and higher now than they had once at the start. It were as if they were taking 1000 steps forward and 5000 steps back. Soon the daylight would leave them far behind, they would be caught up in the murky blackness of the night wandering onwards in the hope that they might find solace in the foothills of the mountains above.

Nørus & DJ Whipr Snipr have collaborated on a new EP for Nerang Records, an Australian imprint which continues to unearth and showcase the harder, weirder fringes of electronic music. This time it’s a no holds barred electro affair.