Premiere: Jerome – Life’s Eye


Jerome make their return to Maple Death Records.

The path twisted through the forest like a snake slithering towards its prey. This was the only way forward, and as dusk approached the will to follow it through the night diminished. For this scene before them was nothing new; it was one they’d seen before, perhaps in a dream or a past life — they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. There was nothing inviting about the road ahead and nothing good would come from their following it.

A year after coming together under the guise of Jerome, Italian/Swedish/Greek duo Annalisa Lembo and Stella Mathioudakis made their debut on Maple Death Records in 2020 with the dark ambient musings of ‘Moods’. Now they’re returning for their first proper vinyl release ‘LP2’ which explores themes of pain, rebirth and acceptance. Recorded in just five days in the Italian flatlands, before being refined between Italy and Sweden during lockdown, the pair go against their classicaly trained backgrounds to craft raw improvisations that meander through hypnotic industrial, distorted wave experiments and punkish, metallic techno.

“Jerome is God. Jerome is Female. Jerome is Male. Jerome is You. Jerome is Me. Jerome is Inside but also Outside.”