Premiere: Liar – Immigrant Trax

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Oramics release a compilation to raise money for refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border.

On the Polish-Belarusian border there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding. For the last few months hundreds of refugees have come from the Middle East, South Asia, and northern and middle Africa to seek international protection, but Polish troops and Belarusian border patrol are chasing them from one side to the other, breaching the law and resulting in the deaths of several people.


In response to this urgent situation, Polish collective Oramics have rallied together Polish and international artists including the likes of Octo Octa, Loraine James, Casiopepe, Avtomat and Liar for a compilation to raise money for Rescue Foundation, who have been helping the migrants on the frontline since day one, and help to facilitate easier access to a new life in an unknown country.

Oramics statement about the situation at the border continues: “Polish organizations supporting foreigners have been involved in aiding the people on the border from the very beginning of the current crisis. They were communicating with them over loudspeakers while the border troops were not allowing for any humanitarian or medical aid to reach the refugees, denying them even food or freshwater. On 3 September the Polish government decided to implement a state of emergency in the cross-border areas, which has not been done since 1981 when martial law was introduced in Poland. What it means in practice is a drastic clampdown on the aid organizations and their access to the cross-border areas as well as fewer journalists who could document the situation on-site. The people on the border have been left without any help from the outside. No one controls the actions of the authorities anymore.”


Buy HERE. Learn more about the Rescue Foundation.