Premiere: Nikki Nair – Salt


Existing on a sphere of bliss, encapsulated infinitely and static in time. There were no wounds or blisters, no pain or grief, only lightness and deeply embedded fearlessness. Darkness left long ago and the fragility of the core had succumbed to peace and linearity. There was no future nor past to dwell on, only changeless clarity and joy. Fluctuations ceased and the notion of future issues or complications were inconceivable from a mind filled with such delight, all had become frozen in purity.

Next up for Bristol's Banoffee Pies Records is Number One Slugger, five precisely crafted tracks by Nikki Nair, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. The track in focus is ‘Salt’, perfectly seasoned and with plenty of unique flavourings from start to finish. ‘Salt’ slowly burns and grooves with its deeply swung hat patterns, heavy kicks and tripped out vocals.