Premiere: Mogambo – Urvi (उर्वी)


A homage to the hypnotic electronic sounds of East Asia on Siamese Twins Records.

Spring had always been her favourite time of year. She loved watching the branches of the trees change from bare to fully blossomed, and how the sounds of the birds and insects seemed to intensify as the nights grew lighter and the days longer. During these months, nature took things to the next level, choosing to spread its wings and bring life to green spaces in towns, cities and rural communities. That’s where you’d find her for the foreseeable; out amongst the elements, soaking it all in while it lasted.


Bangkok-based producer Sunju Hargun and Swiss multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet first came together under the guise of Mogambo in 2020. Their debut, Cobra (कोबरा), gave us an introduction into the pair’s shared passion for acid electronica, psychedelia and Bollywood films, which was channeled through a blend of tripped out percussion and hypnotic electronic grooves. For their sophomore release Urvi (उर्वी), again coming on their own Siamese Twins Records, the duo pay homage to different threads of Asian electronic music; from the driving progressive sounds of Goa trance to traditional Siamese and Indian instrumentation and the contemporary tech sounds coming out of Bangkok.


Urvi (उर्वी) will be released on 15th March on vinyl and digital via Siamese Twins.