Premiere: Kahter & Yilan – Rugs

Kahter EP Cover Art

Kahter returns to Basilica for his first solo label release.

The words ‘No Entry’ always seemed to have the adverse effect. For as long as they’d inhabited this space, those words had been emblazoned over the cellar. No one dared ask what lay beyond the padlocked door, though they’d come close on several occasions, but they couldn’t quite get the words out. Some said they’d heard muffled screams coming from beneath the floorboards, others swore they’d seen people come and go in the dead of night, but these were all rumours… What really happened down in the basement nobody knew.


Kahter returns to Basilica for his first solo release since contributing a track to the label’s inaugural VA compilation a few years back. With EPs under his belt on Circular Jaw, Manuka and Swamp 81, Kahter now takes care of Basilica’s fourth release, building on his exploration into heavy bass frequencies. Over the four tracks on Polaris, he shares the more hard-hitting side of his production, which also includes a collaboration with Infinite Machine producer Yilan that matches polyrhythmic drums with crisp percussion and driving subs.