Premiere: Minube & Basme – Many Years Ago (Jay Tripwire Remix)


The diary was covered in dust, the writing across its pages illegible in parts. Since digging it out from the depths of her loft, she’s been hesitant to flick through its contents – she knew it held memories she might not want to relive. If anybody else got their hands on it, they might feel differently towards her. It was a strange time, she was a different person back then; surely she couldn’t be judged for something that happened many years ago.

London’s Motek welcome producers Minube & Basme to the label for an EP that moves through breaks and minimal cuts. As an extension of their originals, the label have tasked three producers to contribute to the remix package: the likes of label pal Chris Llopis, emerging minimal producer Octave and Canada’s Jay Tripwire. The latter’s reimagination is our pick of the bunch, twisting the OG into a 10-minute trip (excuse the pun) which ebbs and flows from lift off to landing.