Premiere: Mayo – Not Your Shadow


The Amsterdam-based producer makes her debut on Berlin imprint Fides, with remixes from Mary Lake and Danny Daze.

Bad luck seemed to follow them around wherever they went, they just couldn’t catch a break. A dark shadow that loomed over their every move, they wondered whose joke they were the butt of, it was almost laughable the amount of things that seemed to not work out in their favour. They often pondered what they would need to do for this luck to change or perhaps the universe was simply against them… Their fate was in somebody else’s hands.


Fides, the Berlin-based label run by Tresor Resident Z.I.P.P.O, have been moving in the worlds of electro, techno and IDM-inspired electronics since 2015. For their 15th release they welcome Amsterdam producer and DJ Mayo for a five-track EP that comes with two remixes from Mary Lake and Danny Daze. Like her previous releases for United Identities, Marguerite and brokntoys, on Frenemies she delves into EBM-leaning sounds, fusing electro, techno and industrial influences with her distinctive use of ghostly synth lines, distorted vocals and meticulous sound design.