Premiere: Eich – Red


The More Cowbell boss shares her debut EP on the label that’s dedicated to bass, percussive sounds.

A pair of grandiose double doors marked the entrance to the house; they towered far overhead, seeming almost menacing in their presence. This wasn’t how she’d remembered this place, it all seemed completely alien to the building she knew as a child; it no longer felt welcoming, it no longer belonged in her memories. She toyed with the idea of ringing the bell, of seeing who now called this place home, but something stopped her, she wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.


More Cowbell has been running since 2019 as a space for “all things percussive and bassy”. Operated by DJ and producer Eich, and comprised of a club night, online community and record label, the platform is dedicated to exploring the plethora of UK bass and techno sounds coming out of the UK.

After making her production debut on Dublin-based label Woozy’s VA compilation at the end of summer, Eich is now sharing her first solo release, Red. It’s a rhythmic trip through the music that influences her, touching on dark UK techno and stripped back Chicago house, inevitably permeated with low end frequencies and tight drum patterns.


Red will be released on 29th November.