Premiere: Maud Geffray feat. Rebeka Warrior – I Fall At Five (Nite Session)

PACKSHOT Maud Geffray – Nite Sessions – Pan European Recording

A club-focused package of reworks from the Scratch Massive member on Pan European Recording.

Their arrangement came with strict terms; one rule break and the contract would be terminated. There were no second chances, no ifs and buts taken into consideration – time was precious and anybody who wasted hers would not have the opportunity to do so again. She studied her watch, and then the clock on the wall – the hands were quickly edging towards 5 o’clock. She fixed her eyes on the door, waiting for them to burst through and catch their breath, but the clock chime rang out first. They were playing with fire now…


French DJ, producer, and one half of Scratch Massive, Maud Geffray shared her second solo album last May on Pan European Recording. Rather than move onto a completely new project, as a follow up to the LP she’s found a way of reinvigorating the album tracks – an approach inspired by her time spent touring. On the upcoming release, aptly named ‘Nite Sessions’, she reworks the tracks for the dance floor, retaining her signature melancholic atmospheres and dreamy vocals but adding tension, pace and energy through her use of techno, breakbeat, and trance influences.