Premiere: Marlon Hoffstadt – Cyclin Since 94 (Leaf Remix)


Turning his head to each side and assessing the state of the leading pack, going over all the possibilities in his head, the rider chose his moment and broke into a sprint. Immediately he started to worry that he'd broken too early – the remaining distance was not inconsiderable, and there were some strong cyclists around him. But he'd made his bed now, and would simply have to keep on pushing to the finish line. His muscles throbbing with lactic acid, he visualised the yellow jersey that he had dreamed of for so long.

Marlon Hoffstadt is releasing a brand new remix EP! Human Interpretations Part One is out 22nd June and features contributions from the likes of Bawrut, Johannes Albert and Opal Sunn. Our pick is the Leaf remix, which soars through a series of beautiful textures while never losing sight of its bouncy dancefloor appeal. Listen below:

Human Interpretations Part One is out 22nd June via Midnight Themes, pre-order it here.