Premiere: Marcus Worgull – Yaam Dai


The air was sweet, filled with the sound of music and laughter, the smells of various delicacies that lined the windows. They strolled along the cobbled streets hopping from place to place, becoming more intoxicated as the night took hold and the lamps glowed warm orange. There was still much for them to explore, but they had all the time in the world for that… 

The next release on Optimo Music's Digital Danceforce offshoot comes from Innervisions regular Marcus Worgull. Named after the northern Spanish snack, the EP features three intricately crafted productions that boast bright synths and hypnotic vocal samples.

Marcus penned some words about the EP: "A Pintxo is a small snack, similar to tapas, typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain – the basque country. It is a piece of bread topped with all kind of things. Typically a group of friends will go from one tavern to another, drinking wine or beer and eating pintxos. I named the EP Pintxos, as its the same approach: “small", carefully produced pieces, that are there to enjoy."