Premiere: MarcelDune – Grey Court


Thick panels of mahogany wood stretched from the floor to the ceiling, leaving the room feeling dark and claustrophobic. As she entered she felt all eyes fall on her, though she tried her best to avoid meeting anyone’s glare. As she arrived at her seat, the stoney-faced judge entered from a side door, not giving anything away. As the gavel hit the soundblock, she felt her heart drop into her stomach. 

After notching up EPs for the likes of Lobster Theremin and Ophism, London-based Irishman Céilí readies the first LUCKYBAG release on his own Mála Ádh imprint. A V/A made up of friends and family, the six-track record hits you square in the face with a pummeling selection of gabber, rave and techno-influenced cuts, from artists like DJ Ketaflush, Cressida, Julien Andreas, Wheez-ie, MarcelDune and Céilí, himself.