Premiere: Don Kashew – Chique


Swiss DIY-indebted label Dee Dee’s Picks shares a collection of works from the Zurich-based DJ and producer.

As she crossed the room all eyes fell on her; she revelled in it, there was nothing she adored more than other’s unrequited attention. Taking her seat at the bar, she surveyed the room slowly, dressing down any worthy suitors with piercing eyes and a wry smile. Confidence exuded from her very pores, it would take a certain type of person to not feel intimidated by it, let alone match it. But she was willing to wait, she’d learnt to be patient, they’d come along soon enough…


After sharing a handful of retrospective releases and dusty gems, Amsterdam-based label Dee Dee’s Picks set their sights on mining contemporary sounds for their sixth release. Continuing their mission to highlight the fertile DIY electronic music scene in Switzerland, they now welcome Zurich-based artist Don Kashew for a collection of tracks conceived between 2017 and 2021. The music paints a picture of where his sound began and where it is now – new wave, experimental, minimal synth and dystopian sounds mingle, minded together by a reflective, melancholy glue.