Premiere: Fear-E – One Step Beyond

Fear E Art

Four, old school rave bangers from the Posh End Music boss on Das Booty Records.

The location had been scouted out, the plans and preparation were in place, all they needed was for the crowd to show up. On the edge of the city amongst the woodland and the trees, there were abandoned buildings just waiting to be filled with music and bodies, far far away from prying eyes. As the end of the working day approached and darkness took hold, people began making the pilgrimage out into the sticks to lose their inhibitions and cast off their worries; for the next 12 hours the outside world didn’t exist.


Hot on the heels of releases from Morelia and Rory K, London label Das Booty welcome aboard Glasgow’s Fear-E for Horns Crew Go Wild. Releases for a list of acclaimed labels like Dark Entries, Super Rhythm Trax, DABJ and Don’t Be Afraid, as well as his own Posh End Music, have already helped cement his reputation for producing cross-genre club cuts. His debut on Das Booty tips the hat to his formative clubbing years and trips to huge raves in the 90s, touching on old school, rave, acid and breakbeat that’s packed full of energy.