Playlist: Spotlight on The Warehouse Project 2022

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What not to miss from this season’s prolific party schedule.

The Warehouse Project has become one of the most acclaimed ‘big room’ parties in the UK having played host to some of the most definitive names in dance music over many years. The iconic Manchester venue attracts dancers from far and wide to a unique and innovative space which boasts some of the most distinct and impressive production value the UK has to offer.

However, the curation and commitment of the event series to programme and showcase a diverse and integral array of artists to dance music culture is perhaps what makes it one of the most highly regarded parties in the UK and beyond.

This year they have returned with a stellar array of carefully curated parties featuring a plethora of international guests and the best of British electronic music.


Parties have been curated in conjunction with the likes of Hacienda, Homobloc and Eric Prydz and whilst there are plenty of ‘big’ name dj’s on offer there are also a bunch of leftfield and experimental highlights you might perhaps not have heard of.

We’ve put together some of our highlights for the upcoming season…

Nia Archives

The London based DJ and producer is the founder of HIJINXX. She embodies a DIY ethos built upon the lineage of pirate radio, rave culture and the history of electronic music which came before – reinventing sounds from the past within the present, drawing upon influences from Jungle, Ragga, Hardcore, Hip Hop, House and beyond. Her sets are rough, ready and energetic – sample heavy and designed to rock with no punches or holds barred.

She’ll be playing at the Repercussion party on Saturday the 10th of September.

Eliza Rose

So, a couple of months back we got word of a tune which was doing the rounds on the club and festival circuit with mysterious, sultry vocals and a deep grooving bassline reminiscent of late night radio and the better, groovier days of Kiss FM. Turns out it was Eliza Rose and ever since then she’s been hyping it up all over the place. Tune of the summer? We reckon so…

She’s playing at the Return To The Depot party on the 17th of September.

Robert & Lyric Hood present Floorplan

Techno royalty Robert Hood has been making music for decades, his sound has evolved with time, moving away from the leftfield experimentalism and deep, thinking music of the 90’s on the likes of Tresor and Axis. Most recently he has fully embraced the Floorplan project, in which he has now hooked up to collaborate with his daughter Lyric Hood to release euphoric, big room Gospel inspired Techno which blows the roof off clubs and festivals the world over. We caught the pair at Glastonbury and were blown away by the energy, one can only imagine what that will be like with sweat dripping from the caverns of the concourse.

Floorplan will play as part of the Gou Talk party programme on the 21st of October.


Jump up crew engage. Clipz has been around for time, perhaps you might know him better as Redlight but this underground alias has allowed him to explore and retain one foot in the Drum n Bass and Breakbeat culture of his roots. From time to time he’ll re-enter the domain and when he does you can be sure of a treat.

Catch him at Worried About Henry on the 4th of November.

I. Jordan

Based in London, I. Jordan has been producing music for several years now but has only recently received the acclaim deserved. A close relationship and releases with the likes of Local Action opened up the doorway to what is quickly becoming a burgeoning career in dance music with the most recent release coming on acclaimed record label Ninja Tune. We expect big things over the coming years, if they aren’t big enough already that is.

I. Jordan will play at Homobloc on Saturday the 5th of November.

Tickets for all parties can be found HERE.