Premiere: Gratts feat. Mr Beale – Submerge Me

5 Minute Read
1 SUBMERGE ME front sleeve def

Clever, sun soaked Balearic Leftfield House which will do wonders on sunny days.

The water was not yet warm and the tourists were yet to arrive. As they sat watching from the shore, they took in the peace and quiet of the beach before the summer months sucked them in. Soon it would be too busy to move, there would be no room to swim and all that would be heard was the sound of whoops and screams as revellers delighted in the glow and warmth of an island which wasn’t really theirs.

She walked down the pier towards the water, hoping that the cold might shock her free from the guilt and dread of another long hot summer in another mans paradise.

She entered the ocean, only to become submerged by what lay below.


Gratts enlists contributions from Mr Beale on a new 7″ release which has us all seeking a warmer climate, Delicate leftfield house music at its very best, the sort which will sound great by the water or in the club.

Listen below: