Premiere: Luca dell’Orso – Is That The Sun?

Luca dell’Orso DFBH EP artwork 1080px

The Dutch producer makes his debut on Ritmo Fatale with a collection of Italo and synth-inspired cuts.

Work had taken over every aspect of her life; from dawn till dusk it consumed her, and other parts of her world suffered as a consequence. Switching off was a thing of the past, now her mind was constantly racing, like a speeding car with no brakes. At some point the car would have to come to a screeching halt, it couldn’t be on the track forever, but without an airbag to cushion the blow would she wind up crashing head first through the wind screen?


Dutch producer Luca dell’Orso draws inspiration from the retro sounds of the 80s. His take on Italo disco and synthwave has caught the ear of several labels pushing these sonics including Bordello A Parigi, Red Laser Records, and Italo Moderni, to name but a few. Next up he makes his way to Ritmo Fatale for Drive Fast, Brake Hard. A five-track EP full of light and dark retrofurutist grooves, it’s intended as a commentary on the current climate that we live in and how pushing oneself to the limit will lead to an inevitable breakdown.