Premiere: LTD Colours – ProjectSerjjjj


Grid welcome the Milanese duo for their first release of the year.

Time was tight and being late seemed like a real possibility. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took a deep inhale; anybody who knew her well would attest to her efficient and timely manner. Her day had already been fuelled by anxiety and this was simply the cherry on the cake. Tardiness was not even in her vocabulary, so on these extremely rare occasions, her mind went into meltdown…


Milanese duo Ltd Colours take care of the first release of 2022 on French producer and Rinse resident Clad’s Grid imprint. The four tracks on Patterns broaden the label’s musical palette; while rhythm is a huge focus in every track, the EP touches on different styles and moods. Imbued with tension and euphoria, the release meanders through hypnotic polyrhythms, percussive bass cuts and revving electro.


Patterns will be released on 21st January via Grids.