Premiere: Natasha Bai – Romantiko

Natasha Bai_Romantiko_1440

The Russian DJ, musician, producer and vocalist gears up for her debut EP on Ransom Note Records.

Beautiful landscapes stretched out before her eyes; glistening waters to the left and trees in shades of auburn and brown to the right. The scenery was a feast for the senses, a refreshing escape from the city lights she’d become so accustomed to. For miles and miles little life could be seen; it was silent, calming even. The surroundings stimulated her mind, offering her space and time to think — or simply to dream the day away.


Ransom Note Records present new signing Natasha Bai, with her debut EP ‘Transsib’; an oneiric voyage through the world of the Russian DJ, musician, producer and vocalist. The title is short for the ‘Trans-Siberian Railway’, a 9000 km of railroad that connects Moscow with Vladivostok on the Russian Far East. “The building of the Transsib Railway helped the founding of my hometown many years ago; Novosibirsk”, Natasha explains. “It’s 50 hours by train from Novosibirsk to Moscow and during this time little life happens.”

Sonically the four-track EP blends genres and imaginary worlds, from proggy trance to bright electro, euphoric acid and ambient pop; the latter taking cues from Natasha’s production alter-ego Altai Princess. Today’s premiere is opening track ‘Romantiko’ which welcomes skitty beats alongside poppy vocal snippets and electro kicks; engaging sonic distortion and synth melodies — “like a bright sunny morning when you wake up happy.”

Natasha cites the release as a symbol of growth, of “moving through life and moving towards your dreams. From my hometown to the city of my dreams, from my first steps in music to my first EP, from childhood through youth to adulthood. It’s a never-ending journey.”


Transsib will be released on 11th February via Ransom Note Records.