Premiere: Local Suicide w/ Skelesys – Moustache (Andre VII Remix)

02. IDI009_LS_Apollo_AndreVII

The Greco-German production duo invite a new batch of friends to remix their debut album Eros Anikate.

The moon cast a harsh light on the path through the mountains, if there was another route they’d take it but one hadn’t revealed itself to them. Making their journey in the darkness wasn’t an easy decision but it was the only way they could keep their cover; it was imperative they weren’t seen by a soul. It wouldn’t be long before the sun would start appearing on the horizon and then they’d have to find shelter again – the nocturnal hours were the only friend they could trust.


In May of this year Berlin-based couple Local Suicide released their long-awaited debut album Eros Anikate. They continued their collaborative approach, bringing friends along for the ride, many of whom they’ve previously joined forces with, including Curses, Skelesys, Kalipo and Theus Mago.

Since the release they’ve extended invitations to more like-minded producers for a series of four remix EPs, each taking their name from an Ancient Greek god. For the third edition they’ve enlisted Adana Twins, Pacific Assalt Sissem, Alejandro Molinari and Andre VII to rework four tracks, all of whom add their own touch to the originals which blend dark disco, new wave, acid and slow-techno influences.