Premiere: Paurro – Relax The Rax


The Mexican producer makes her debut on Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme.

The cold was fresh, biting even – bodies huddled together for warmth in the queue that snaked round the block. It was a stark contrast when they finally reached the entrance and descended down the brick steps. Heat smacked them square in the face and a blend of must and sweat filled their nostrils. The beat led them straight to the dance floor, the pulsing heart of the club, where limbs twisted, hips gyrated and all inhibitions were left at the door…


Paurro, the moniker of Mexico City-based DJ Paulina Rodriguez, heats up the club with her debut EP on Cómeme. Her reputation as a DJ proceeds her, she’s been making bodies move across the country and in places and spaces like LA, New York and Miami, whilst translating that very same energy to her own musical output. Following a handful of releases and a remix for Pareja and Lupe, she treats us to Galavision, a batch of club-ready cuts weaving together breakbeat, acid and gritty house, that are fine-tuned to set the dance floor alight.