Premiere: Lårry – Ria Ilso


The Berlin-based artist relaunches London label BleeD after a five-year hiatus.

The wind whistled through the trees, forcing the last leaves to drift gently from the branches. The seasons were changing and with it the air grew cold and crisp; hats, gloves and scarves adorned the small children kicking up brown and gold leaves in the park, and the smell of hot sugary nuts filled nostrils on street corners. Summer had bade farewell to the world and now autumn was rearing its head and making its presence known.


London club-night-turned-label BleeD end a near five-year hiatus with a release from Berlin-based artist and Super Hexagon and Awkwardly Social alumni Lårry. A purveyor of boundary pushing outsider techno, the label has previously shared EPs and remixes from artists including Rote, Phil Moffa, Peder Mannerfelt and head honcho Volte-Face. Lårry’s sound fits perfectly into their existing catalogue – meticulous sound design meets screwed arrangements and otherworldly atmospheres across the six tracks that make up Over The Why.


Over The Why will be released on 18th November via BleeD.