Premiere: Lily Haz – Chew It


The Tel Aviv artist gears up for the release of her debut album on regular home Tofistock.

The ticking of the clock resounded around the room, its monotonous sound made it difficult for him to concentrate on his own thoughts. He shifted his attention to the other people in the room, and tried to scan their faces for feelings, thoughts and emotions. Nobody gave anything away; their expressions were unreadable and unaffected, as though they were all hiding something from the world. He wondered what their stories were, where they’d come from and where they were going, but he’d never find out the answers, speculation would have to serve his curiosity.


A lover of hip hop, Lily Haz’s releases are characterised by samples and off-kilter beats but with her own unique, personal touch. On singles and EPs for the likes of Night Noise, Stamp The Wax and her regular home Tofistock, she’s demonstrated her knack for blurring the boundaries between genres, fusing elements of electro, dub, experimental, trip hop and ambient. For her long-awaited debut album she takes cues from nineties songs and films, playing with the art of sampling to fashion a collection of nine tracks that take us on a trip through hypnotic atmospheres, lo-fi beats and weirdo rap verses.