Premiere: Laura BCR – Human Behavior (with Launaea)

5 Minute Read

Deep Minimal tension from Laura BCR on Live At Robert Johnson.

One by one they each left the experiment, the room began to empty and soon there would be very few people left in the hall. There were bright lights perched in each corner of the room, the radiant glow beamed down upon each individual with delicate precision so as to amplify their every expression and movement beneath the illumination. They had been stood there for hours, each participants’ every thought analysed as an example of human behaviour.

Up on the balcony a collective of white coated scientists watched with expert focus – it was their job to root out the weak one by one and look for who might be fit to study further.

One reached over and pressed the switch for the final time as the music blared into life once more. The sound of drums filled the hollow room…


Laura BCR is set to release a new EP on the prolific record label Live At Robert Johnson. It is her first time releasing music via the imprint and marks a significant achievement for a producer and DJ who continues to grow from strength to strength.

This track is called “Human Behaviour” and features a collaboration with Colombian artist Launaea. It’s a pensive, minimal track with close attention to detail.

Listen below: