Premiere: laced – Caustic Reverie

Laced Caustic Reverie
Written by Annie Parker

The ever-reliable London label welcome Montreal artist, laced, who delivers a dreamy cut of sugar-coated rainbow electronics, including a remix from fellow Canadian SIM.

As she closed her eyes she watched colours bleed into one another. They were so vivid she could feel them pour over her face and down her neck. She pictured how it would look. As a deep scarlet filled her ear and a rich blue licked her neck, she too found herself melting into colour.

Caustic Reverie is a 4-track EP which combines the warmth of highly-processed synthesised sounds with harshness of percussive instrumentation in a sunshine-doused exploration of depth and texture. Crisp blips, swishes and tiny twangs tempt the touch, creating a soundscape at once futuristic and psychedelic: not a far cry from the music of foodman or Smerz.


On the title track, vibrant synth plucks reverberate around a cavernous space, warming the atmosphere before mutating into a broken techno rhythm. Bolstered by low-end hits and peppered with Jessy Lanza-esque vocal chops, this one’s a real treat for the ears.


Caustic Reverie will see full release on the 8th April via All Centre. Pre-order it here.