Premiere: Frantzvaag – Come Later

5 Minute Read

A new Smallville offshoot makes a bold statement with a debut LP from Frantzvaag.

The cafe was quiet as the rain poured heavily from the dark, murky clouds outside. The flickering neon sign was the only sign that there might be any life inside the old place yet still the coffee was hot and the smiles of the old workers were aplenty.

For him, there was a magnetic charm to this old place. It was not beautiful, to others it might seem uninspired, uninviting and cold. However, he’d sat here for many years, in the morning, noon and at night. He’d always be back, always come later again and the same kind souls would wave and welcome him in kindly from the cold out there.


Places like this were of a rare and dying breed – the city slickers had pushed them out long ago, god knows how they managed to keep the lights on, the tiles clean and the spirits high. Perhaps this place ran upon those good spirits alone, it might have to be enough one day…

Frantzvaag is set to release a debut LP on the newly launched Smallville Records label offshoot, Fuck Reality. This is a deep, pensive affair comprised of dubbed out disco grooves and precise, melancholy deep house at its finest. One to lose yourself in in the headphones, beneath the clouds, beneath the sun, whatever works.