Premiere: Kristy Harper – The System is F*cked


The bonfire roared furiously as they each piled their paper bills higher into the bitter flames. This is what it had come to, the end of a regime and the rebirth of mankind. The system had always been f*cked from the wicked day that it was born, this much was true and always had been. However, what might follow next in this brave new dystopia was anyones guess. It might be wild and free, liberal and wise. It might be chaotic and perilous, overwhelming and restrictive. As she watched the flames burn higher and higher into the night sky she began to dream of what might come next. 

Kristy Harper releases what might be the most timely and aptly named record of the year in our humble opinion. ‘The System is F*cked’ – too right you can say that again. In her own words this record is all about “reaching freedom and emancipation by exiting the oppressive financial system.”

Listen below:

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