Premiere: Korea Town Acid – Plateau


The Seoul-based non-profit label return after a four-year hiatus to raise money for LGBTQIA+ youth charity DDing Dong.

The sun shone bright over the town, leaving the green spaces scorched and dry. It was that balmy kind of heat that made your clothes cling to your body and forced you to constantly mop your brow; she didn’t mind much, she felt at her most content when she was in the sun – it was her happy place. As soon as autumn rolled around the thought of the impending winter forced her into hibernation mode, she didn’t care much for the biting cold and crisp mornings. When spring came she’d emerge once again, only the sun held that power… 


Seoul-based imprint Reach out Records are on a mission to raise funds for local causes whilst shining a light on artists from the country’s underground music scene. So far the non-profit imprint has supported projects and initiatives like Angel House, a residence for disabled people; their friend Tarek’s cancer treatment; and homeless support group PLUR. After a four year hiatus they return with their fourth VA release, ‘For The Youth’, which features music from Yetsuby, DJ Botermelk, Korea Town Acid and more, covering electro, acid, breaks, bass and more. This time they’re raising money for local charity, DDing Dong, who help support LGBTQIA+ teens in South Korea by providing them with counselling, shelter and support.