Video Premiere: Kulku – Hoodoo Blues

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Written by Alasdair King

Phase Group is a record label from Glasgow ran by MR TC and Lo Kindre. Since its inception they have released off piste, experimental music which draws upon leftfield influences with a DIY sentiment.

The next release on the label comes in the form of a stellar LP, an album called “Fahren” which is described as being a compilation of ‘acoustic, no-age krautrock’ from the Berlin underground.

The rough and ready band is made up of a number of instrumentalists playing xylophones, tambourines, timpani, wooden percussion, two drum kits, a cello, harmonicas, saxophones and pieces of scrap metal.

It’s expressive, psychedelic and inspired by innovators who have come before, leaning into a new wave of kraut inspired sounds which lend a nod to the past.


This video has been produced to support a track taken from the forthcoming album.