Premiere: Klein & M.B.O. – Last Call (Headman/Robi Insinna Rework)


Hurtling along the steel rails, the train swept along, it's heavy wheels clipping the rivetted hot metal as the percussive sound gave the journey a rhythmic resonance. The passengers were in elated spirits, not long now till these carriages would be at the Amalfi coast. The crystal champagne flutes chimed as the guests downed the fizzy nectar and the laughter grew large as the anticipation swelled. The last call would be just a short ride to the discotheque, where the synthetic sounds and drum machines would leave the revellers and their stylish attire dishevelled and delirious.

Robi Insinna aka Headman gets his sympathetic hands on this classy Italo-Disco number, which rattles along with some real bass urgency, stacatto synth riffs and occasional vocal sample to dramatic effect. Pitched disco toms and snares collide in an 80s rub that must have sounded otherwordly to those on the floor back then. 

Headman / Robi Insinna – Reworks is released by Relish on 24th June 2016 and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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