Premiere: Kincaid – Getting More Sun


Redstone Press welcome the artist for a sparse and textural EP.

Had it always been this grey and miserable? She couldn’t remember the last time she saw the sun; felt its rays beaming down on her face. What a difference it made to just about everything in life… Any mournful or anxiety-inducing feelings seemed to evaporate as soon as the weather brightened up, but this year that thick cloud wouldn’t shift. It could be a while before she’d get more sun…


Redstone Press are returning with their first release of 2023 and a brand new signing: Berlin-based Londoner Kincaid. Known for his intricate sound design and slick stripped-back compositions, this fresh four-track release is another masterclass in his tight approach to production whilst expanding his sound even more. Across the release he balances eerie atmospheres and textures with crisp percussion, chopped vocals and precise drum programming for a brilliant debut effort on the burgeoning Glaswegian imprint.