Premiere: Kane Ikin – Slowburner


The car moved forwards towards the red light. Beneath the bonnet there was little sound but for a faint hum, the engine purred softly, waiting to roar into life and pounce into action. As the lights changed from red to orange to green he accelerated forward, however, this race was not a sprint but a slowburner. It would require patience in order for him to win. As the wheels spun against the dark concrete, the streetlights beamed down from up above. Move slow, think fast. 

Echovolt continue to deliver interesting and intriguing music as part of their series of mini albums. Following the success of the first release in the series from Templeyard Studios, they now return with a new six track effort from Kane Ikin. Based in Melbourne he delivers a record full of moody scientific constructions, dark soundscapes and sludge. Listen to a track titled "Slowburner" from the release below: 

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