Premiere: Austin Ato – All Night Long

5 Minute Read

Dusty disco meets house in good time for the summer from Austin Ato.

It were as if he’d been dancing all his life – never had he ever imagined it might be this easy, this freeing and this wild. The music played loudly and bounced from wall to wall as each person smiled and moved in synchronised unison. It was care free, it was sexy, it was everything.

The red lights flickered and flashed, illuminating the glowing, magnificent features of each and every character in the room. They all had a story and a tale to tell – their each and every movement was how he would teach himself to know them and they would do similarly.

He could do this all night long…


Austin Ato is back with a bang on Phonica White – offering up a carefully assorted selection of tracks each destined to do wonders on the dancefloor this summer. This one is all about the feel good and this track may well just soundtrack your summer at festivals and in the clubs…