Premiere: Jorkes – Dancer In The Dark


Overhead the red lights swelled, picking dancers out of the darkness for just a moment before moving on to capture the next. It was the only light that permeated the room, reflecting off the sweaty bodies oscillating below, as they moved as one with the heavy rhythms pulsing out of the speakers. In the dark they lost all inhibitions, in the dark they were free…

Following releases from Delicate Features and Raphael Schön, Freeride Millenium co-founder Jorkes takes control of the next with a five tracker titled ‘Dancer In The Dark’, backed up by two remixes from Younger Than Me and Curses. His first outing on the label since his acclaimed Wet Dreams EP last winter, the three originals showcase Jorkes deftness at reinterpreting influences like synth, disco and techno, to craft his own off-kilter take on sleazy electronics.