Premiere: Jorkes – Mindemania (Lovegasm Version)


The chaos which can occur within ones brain is wild, a mania of the mind so to speak. The disorientation was overwhelming as he lay on the wooden floor of the large hall. As he looked up to the ceiling he began to observe swirling patterns, dotted colours and figments of his imagination. A bird flew freely between the walls, its wings flapping loudly in the vast empty space. The walls began to bend and warp, they were rigid no more and suddenly the place was alive with the warwhoops of insanity. He had not ever imagined that life might exist in such a manner, but now he was under its spell there would be going back. Let the mania commence. 

Jorkes are a Munich based duo with a penchant for creating the odd. Their latest release on Freeride Millenium sees them create an enchanting groove with an erotic twist as they rework their own track with a 'Lovegasm' version. Listen to the edit of "Mindemania" below:

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