Premiere: Jeku – Falafel Nights


The non-temporal founder makes his debut on fellow Helsinki-based imprint Avoidance.

The orange hue of the street lamps guided their way up the high street; each one a beacon lighting their journey home. Blurry eyed and at various levels of inebriation, they agreed on a routine pitstop before going their separate ways and calling it a night. First the bright neon lights beckoned them in, before the delicious smells emanating from behind the counter entered their nostrils and they knew they’d made the right decision. They weren’t going to bed hungry.


Since starting life in 2019, Helsinki label Avoidance has provided a platform for Finnish artists, which so far encompasses releases from Sansibar, WND and 53X. For their fourth outing they bring on board another local artist, Jeku, who’s previous releases for his own non-temporal label have displayed his fresh blend of acid, trance and progressive house flavours. It’s more of the same on his Avoidance debut but this time he journeys into deeper and darker corners of the electronic spectrum.