Premiere: Fernanda Arrau – Nueva Orden

UCOR Vol 3

The United Colors of Rhythm label boss brings together six artists for her third label compilation.

Everything had been done a certain way until the new boss arrived. The office was a well-oiled machine, people knew their roles and responsibilities, had their daily routines nailed down to a tee, but this person was now here to shake things up. As the old saying goes, if it’s not broke don’t fix it but there was a new order and everyone had to respect it. They were ready to turn everything on its head, whether people liked it or not…


Madrid-based producer Fernanda Arrau has called on another group of artists to contribute to the third compilation on her United Colors of Rhythm label. She’s continuing her commitment to spotlight artists from different countries, this time bringing on board producers from Chile, Spain and Mexico – namely Alejandro Paz, Moo Moonster and Parissior, Nico Castro, Pvlomo and Kresy. The collection of club-ready tracks connects the dots between electro, house, wave and indie dance, whilst connecting like-minded musicians who hail from all over the world.