Premiere: Jad & The – Pacific Drums (Liquid Mix)


The water was wild and dangerous as the boat moved across the dense, blue expanse. The sails were rattling against the frame of the ship and inside the cabins people began to get nervous and concerned for their own safety. There was a banging noise which was loud and oppressive – it hurt the ears and silenced alarms upon deck. The storm had been forecast and predicted for some time but nobody had known that it might hit with as much abrupt and abrasive force as this. The Pacific drums echoed loudly in the air as the clouds rolled in overhead. 

Jad & The is set to release a new EP described as "an ode to his ocean side upbringing". It draws upon a deep rooted love of abstract electronics and the ethereal sounds sometimes associated with dream house. The release will soon be available on Beats Of No Nation. 

Listen below: