Premiere Inn: Round Up 25.03.16


PREMIERE: Pitch – What Am I Gonna Do For Fun (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)

All the poisons, substances, drugs, tonics and potions would not be able to cure this thirst now. She had found a taste for something that could never be quenched again. What was she gonna do for fun now? This might as well be it. The apartment walls rose all around her amidst an empty room, the floorboards creaked beneath her feet as she paced to and fro. There was an itch, a craving, a desire which would never be fulfilled, it made her sad, oh so sad. 

Pitch originally released "What Am I Gonna Do For Fun" back in the early eighties. Now the newly founded label Idle Press are set to reissue it with a remix from Salon Des Amateurs founder Tolouse Low Trax. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Cobby & Mallinder – Tumblefish

The tumblefish made its way slowly downstream, away from the ferocious rapids of the mountainside and into spacious open deeper waters. It had been swimming away from troubled waters for its own life but now it was finally begin to reach a place in which it might be able to build a foundation, a place to breathe, a place to call home. This lake would be its resting place for now, the rippling current and the slow moving drift of the leaves floating above the waters surface. 

Steve Cobby and Mallinder have collaborated for a new ep which is being released by the Throne Of Blood camp. It will feature remixes by Max Pask, Mark E and Man Power. Listen to the original below: 

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PREMIERE: Jonny Sender – Zhivago Zhivago (Khidja Dub)

Zhivago was the sorcerer amongst this sacred land, his word was golden to all that heard it spoken. He meant more to the people of this town than any who had come before and any who might attempt to follow in his blessed footsteps. In the power of his wise, aged voice he was able to manipulate those around him to dance like they had never danced before. He carried the magic disco touch in his spoken word as the crowds of dancers circled him singing his name, praising him to the high heavens. "Zhivago, Zhivago" they cried out loud. The whole world would hear them sing soon. 

Here is the Khidja remix of Jonny Sender for the Codek label, founded by In Flagranti. This one runs deep. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: Joe Morris – Bayou

The ectastic chatter and call/ repeat of imagined distant wildlife increased the disturbance on the waterside. Nature's own chorus wanted in on the electronic action, which shifted softly yet urgently, as the juice flowed and eyes widened from the rays filling this humble bar shack. Leaning to it's Latino homage, the rums got long as the day got short, and the life got wilder and warmer and wanting.

One third of Clandestino, Joe Morris makes his debut on Is It Balearic? Classy sun drenched electronic shuffling and some tasteful retro vibes make up a four track EP, which this loved-up cut is taken from:

Joe Morris – Golden Tides EP is released 4th April and can be pre-ordered HERE. Follow Joe on Soundcloud HERE.

PREMIERE: Frank Haag – When You Leave (The Mole Remix)

There was an empty chair sat in the meeting room. An eerie silence was observed by the remaining board members who were both shocked and appalled by the nature of the ghastly news. When he left, their whole world had changed, the meeting was adjourned and his parting words would leave them haunted and dissapointed by what had gone before this day. 

"When you leave, there will be no coming back. There will be no return to this office, this building, this space, which might have been so much more to so many. When you leave…"

Here is the remix of Frank Haag's "When You Leave" taken from his forthcoming EP for Serialism titled "The Future Is Absurd". The Mole steps up to offer an alternative. Listen Below: 

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PREMIERE: Nico Purman – AOM002

The hand rose through the blank space. It clasped at thin air hoping to grasp a hand in return, a friend, a distant connection, anything really. Nothing returned the favour, it hung drifting through the gaps in the abyss. A reaching hand. 

Here is a collection of tracks from the forthcoming AOM release. Nico Purman has delivered a collection of music across two EP's for the label which sees him explore provocative techno and musical obscurity through ambient phases. Here are some of those ambient pieces from the release. Listen below: 

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PREMIERE: D – Knox – Chosen Goals

He had often debated in which direction to take his future self, there were far too many choices in this life, more than one should ever need or care for. However, after much coming and going he now believed that he had set claim to his final aspiration. He had made his chosen goal, it was now set in stone. Only time will tell if he would be able to hold himself to account and take the next step towards success in this life.  

Here is the latest release from Seth Troxler's Tuskegee record label. Listen to 'Chosen Goals' from D-Knox below: 

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PREMIERE: Sfire – Sfire 2 (Kris Baha 86 Remix)

The rocket ships were loaded, the heat was on and the race was all set to begin. They were sat in the cockpit of the sfire space station, it floated observationally above the race course. Waiting to film every detail, the streams were set and the countdown had begun. This was a great test for mankind, a special test. As they watched from the sfire they glazed down upon the planets below, how could they stay afloat with such little care as to what lay in the skies above them.

Here is the Kris Baha remix of Sfire: this one is set for release on Emotional Especial and Cocktail D'Amore. Listen Below: 

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