Premiere Inn: Round Up 24.06.16


JP Soul – Waiting For All The Right Gear

Frustration had begun to set in amongst camp. Alongside the race track sat a broken car, a broken engine and a broken man. Waiting for all the right gear had proved costly, the race was near finished and little could be done to salvage any sort of place. The crowds roared as the engines raced by one by one, their cries would echo in his head for years to come. This was a failure which could be unrivaled. For now, the only thing left to do was to party on. 

JP Soul is releasing on Roam Recordings. Titled 'Party On' the release sees him dabble in experimental club orientated house and electronics. Listen below:

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Tolga Fidan – Nebula

Far away, in the jungle of outer space lay a maze of dust. A cluster of stars, gas and floating wonder. This was the place, the nebula. The darkness of the galaxy could swallow you up, cut away at your very soul leaving it with nothing but cold disjointed loneliness and blackness. Space was not a place for the tame or faint of heart. It was a place for the fearless, the rugged, the robust. Only those types could exist amidst the nebula, only they would prosper. 

Tolga Fidan is well travelled: originating from Turkey he has experienced the musical culture of London, Paris, berlin and everything in between. Listen to his latest release on his own label TFR below:

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Skull Rock – Plukaki

Deep inside the skeletal brain guard, the strident echoes of favoured memories bounced and reflected the best of times. Once revered moments held close were now realised as the shining beauty they were always meant to be. Fuzzing around the edges, and maybe faded like some old film stock, they still had all the reminisce and nostalgia of the first time this cranium had fired it's synapses. Just more distant, but with all the relevance they respected.

One of our favourite labels over the past few years has been Beachcoma. Sitting just nicely under the radar, the releases have always had a more diverse and interesting take on the slo-mo acid scene: more mood, more modular and sometimes just fecking curious. Borne from a night of winter drinking in Berlin, Julian Grefe (Pink Skull) and Sheldon Thompson (Sid Le Rock) got together for this musical collaboration. A lovely half melancholic/ half manic and respectfully understated echo and shimmer track. Aquatic more than acidic, it once again shows some originality from the schizophrenic imprint.

Skull Rock – Fünfhatz/ Plukaki is released by Beachcoma on 24th June 2016 and more info can be found HERE.

Tuff City Kids – Glue Teen

There was gluten in everything, from the bread he ate to the glue in his body from the night before. He was the glue teen and he was allergic to gluten. Ironic really. The music played on, the chimes still soared in his charmed life. The effect of the glue would remain with him forever, he was tougher than before. Dance, dance, dance. 

Tuff City Kids seem to deliver time and time again, both as individuals and as a duo. Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer feature on the forthcoming Summer Daze compilation from Suol and offer up a sunkissed, pan pipe loving, percussion beating track built for the dancefloor. Listen below:

Pre-order the release HERE.  The release lands tomorrow. 

Interstate – Gangster Rap

On the corner those boys would hustle hard. The beats of the street rattled against the walls of the projects and in the distance the crashing of a broken bottle indicated the start of a fight. This was street music, fight music, drug music, heat music. Gangster rap was alive and well on the streets and it would never leave. Damn, straight. 

Blaq Numbers have unveiled a sublabel, ironically titled Whyte Numbers. First up as part of the series is a forthcoming EP from Interstate. Previous releases have been played by the likes of Tom Trago, Move D and more. Listen below:

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Adventures In Daydreams – Humbolt

The town of Humbolt sat promptly and oddly amidst the snow caked hills. It was perched at a distinctively bizarre angle beneath the quarry. From time to time rocks would cascade and tumble down through the fields, each seemed to land closer to Humbolt than the last. The bright coloured houses looked as though they had been plonked in place from the very heavens up above, but that was Humbolt, a bit odd. That was Humbolt, a bit strange, 

Adventures In Daydreams are an upcoming duo based in Berlin, their latest EP titled 'Travel' has been supported by the likes of Roman Flugel, John Digweed and more. Here is 'Humbolt'. Listen Here: 

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Radioactive Man – Blazer

A trail blazer. A sky gazer, a raver. The distorted rumble of a low end could be heard reverberating from beneath the floor and the sound of a train rushed below. The ground shook but little notice was paid by the crowd gathered under the arch. they were not here for external influence or awareness. They were here for themselves alone. Nothing else mattered, they were trail blazers and they would rave on. 

Up next on UNA Sound is Radioactive Man who offers up three dub based tracks of weight and precision. Listen to 'Blazer' below:

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Photo Credit: Sarah Ginn

Sunburst – Mseto Tekete

The majestic mountain overlooked the golden field. The corn blew to and fro in the wandering breeze, it was a blisfully quiet evening, they had always said that peace would follow the storm. He sat and watched up on high above the mseto tekete rock, his view unmarred by the dim light of the setting sun. As he watched out he knew that the rain was gone now, summer was here, and the sound of sweet music was all that would fill his ears for months on end. 

Strut have found a prolific sense of form in recent months as they deliver reissue after reissue. Sunburst were originally formed in the 1970's but remained a group for only a short period of time. This reissue of lost gems is expected on June the 24th for release. Listen below: 

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TCP – A Voice Across The Nile (Moscoman Rework)

The sandy dunes lined the sides of the great river. Green reeds could be seen blowing in the breeze above the swirling mists of the water below. Fighting the current they clung to the bed of the Nile, gripping for life so that they might not be swept away by the raging waves. The great heights of the pyramids looked down on the scene below as a voice cried out loudly in the blackened air. The Egyptian night grew still, a voice across the nile was all to be heard.

Disco Halal continue their profound run of form and ever growing release schedule as they offer up three reworks of TCP. Moscoman steps up to take on an exciting approach in 'A Voice Across The Nile'. Listen below: 

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Cervo – Oshala

What is Oshala? Who is Oshala? Where is Oshala? The mystery behind a name remains untold, unfound and unknown. This in itself built part of an ever spoken story of which there were no facts, just ideas, references and make believe. Enchantment was Oshala, it was everywhere, in the tales of a dream, the plans of a scheme. Oshala was whatever you made it to be, and that was a thing of great beauty and yet, peril. 

Seven Davis Jr has curated a compilation for R2 UK. Titled 'Future Society' it contains a collection of forward thinking, diverse music which he has personal belief and trust in, much of it previously unheard. We have opted to premiere the track from Cervo of Banana Hill which features tropical percussion and driven rythmic energy throughout. Listen below:

Their is a launch party in Dalston for the release this Friday HERE featuring many of the artists involved as well as Seven Davis Jr himself. Buy the release HERE.

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