Premiere: In Fields – Rehearsal One


A draught swept through the church, up their trouser legs and under their skin, forcing a shiver as though someone had walked over their grave. Thus far the rehearsal had gone to plan: nobody had been late, everybody remembered their lines, they all knew their places. But she could’t help worrying that this was the time to get the mistakes out of the way — tomorrow had to be perfect.

Providing a sonic escape from the restraints and confinement of Covid lockdown, London-based duo In Fields return to Swedish mainstay Höga Nord, this time for their first solo effort. Like their first label outing alongside regulars Golden Bug last year, this LP brings dynamic electronics but turns its focus to more atmospheric, ambient tones. A rapidly evolving and surprising release, the 8 tracks juxtapose contrasting tones and sounds, matching airy synths with dark, deep tones.