Premiere: Beigean – Kashmiri Red

5 Minute Read
beigean – jaya’s strut
Written by Tril Woup

A quadruple attack of deeply effective, disarmingly personal rave movements.

In a world where magic still roamed free, there lived a rare and magnificent bird known as the Kashmiri Red. It was said that whoever possessed one of its feathers would be granted immense power and wealth. Many sought to capture the bird, but it was elusive and could only be found deep in the enchanted forests. One day, a young girl named Lily stumbled upon the Kashmiri Red while on a journey to find her missing father. She was amazed by the bird’s beauty and, to her surprise, it granted her one of its feathers as a gift. From that day on, Lily’s life was filled with wonder and adventure as she discovered the true extent of the magic within the Kashmiri Red’s feather.


Beigean, returns to his own Tava Discs label drawing on his inherited archive of Punjabi folk, Bollywood disco, and encyclopedic knowledge of UK club culture. This release features a quadruple attack of deeply effective, disarmingly personal rave movements.  Beigean’s unique  ability to blend cultural heritage with club culture has made him a standout of late.

Listen below: